Gita Desai - Master Documentary Film Maker and creator of the "Unveiled Trilogy"

Gita Desai - Master Documentary Film Maker and creator of the "Unveiled Trilogy"

An introduction from our founder, Andrea Shuman:
I met Gita through our partnership with MahaGhee. Gita is a visionary and a true historian. It was very important to Gita that today's yoga teachers and Ayurvedic practitioners not forget that they are sister sciences: One cannot exist in authenticity without the other. Gita was moved to ensure that authentic Vedic knowledge was being handed down to those who propose to carry the torch. Gita saw yoga as being transformed into a simple "exercise method", divorced of its spiritual roots. Ayurveda and Yoga unveiled are the answer to this. Each documentary is 5+ hours long and are meant as fully educational, teaching modules from the most highly respected practitioners alive (and some no longer), today. It is with great honor that we present these films to you and ask that you honor the knowledge and spirit of Ayurveda and Yoga, by looking at them in the context through which they were birthed. After seeing these films, it will be unlikely you may go to a "vegan panchakarma retreat", as you will understand why this is an oxymoron after viewing. Education and cultural preservation are at the heart of Gita's mission. We welcome her to our table of Master Makers as the film and historian visionary that she is!
Warmly, Andrea

Ahara Ghee is proud to offer Ayurveda Unveiled and Yoga Unveiled as well as a combo pack for the dedicated student who is ready to understand these sciences in their context and depth. 

Gita Desai has dedicated 20 years (and ongoing) to produce these documentaries with a simple objective in mind: to bring these ancient sciences to people across the globe.

Her purpose is to raise awareness on Ayurveda and Yoga as not merely being a system of medicine and exercise, but a way of life based on a lifelong active and healthy lifestyle, oriented to risk and disease prevention and return to nature’s wealth.

These documentaries give a comprehensive approach to enhance life

The goal of Ayurveda and Yoga is to accomplish physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing and health through a prevention-oriented approach as well as treating disease with a holistic view.

Empowering people to develop a self-care approach, educate patients about improving their condition

These documentaries give the keys to understand this holistic system, what are the roots of any health situation (balance and imbalance) and what are the simple actions that can be taken in our daily lives.

With contributions from the world's leading thinkers and practitioners amidst locations of intoxicating beauty, what emerges is a rich tapestry of India’s timeless yet relevant system; an all-encompassing science for enhancing life.

Ayurveda Unveiled

At once an inspirational journey and a definitive resource, the film weaves together the history and essence of Ayurveda with a detailed examination of the underlying philosophy and its unparalleled ability to harmonize our inner and outer world. A life in perfect balance!

With contributions from the world's leading thinkers and practitioners amidst locations of intoxicating beauty, what emerges is a rich tapestry of India’s timeless yet relevant system; an all-encompassing science for enhancing life.

Ayurveda was born from radiant minds that saw beyond our physical experience. Millennia dimmed and brightened the path yet champions emerged to fan the embers and light the way ahead. Insight & instruction for unbounded harmony & health. All in equal measure!

Time drifts, flows, speeds but is never a straight arrow. From points of enlightenment Ayurveda's history curves through countless centuries.

Through what, do life's pure rhythms ripple within and without? What energises, focuses and balances? Ayurveda accounts for the fluid beauty of all things. Simple, profound, divine.

“All suffering of body and mind has its foundation in ignorance just as harmony is rooted in clear scientific knowledge. Clearly this knowledge is meaningless to those who do not discern it, as is the sun to those who are blind.”  

-Sage Charaka



6 Philosophical Schools of Ancient India.


Five Principal Elements

Earth, water, fire, air and ether are all stages in the manifestation of matter… every substance in the world can be classified according to their predominant element.


The organizational matrix from which everything that is alive, is made. Within the human body the five principal elements manifest as the tridosha or 3 primary energies called Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The proportion of these 3 dosha determines the constitution and characteristics of each individual.


A Perfect Medium

Without a majestic language like Sanskrit, the rich offerings of the sages could not have reached the complexity, scope and zenith as far back into the distant past. And so it was with Ayurveda.

Body through the lens of Ayurveda

What lies within? What forces act on every cell? What cleanses and hinders? And what strikes the equilibrium? From the physical towards the true self, awareness guides the inward journey. Yoga maps the pilgrimage through each deeper layer towards a seamless unity. Ayurveda follows.


There are 7 layers of tissues, or saptadhatu, in the body. Beginning with rasa or plasma, the tissues form sequentially with each layer building upon the layers that came before.


The metabolic fire in every cell, tissue and organ without which there is no health.


The waste created by the body’s metabolic, physiological and mental activities.


The remains of undigested food, thoughts or experiences, a precursor to any and all imbalance and disease.


A Classical Vaidya
“The Making of”

The masterful system of imparting and imbibing knowledge from ancient India - expanding the mind and body to limitless possibilities.

Renaissance Man
(P.S. Varier 1869 - 1944)

Biography of a visionary whose noble mission marked the resurgence of authentic Ayurveda in India during its colonial occupation. A salute to the man who saved Ayurveda from the brink of extinction in every way possible.

Folk Ayurveda

Ayurveda still permeates the life of Indians. Its basic tenets are echoed in daily life across the nation. Seamless stewardship of a profound wisdom.

Regimen of Health

Wait no more - every moment in life is auspicious. Responsibility is ours alone. What greater empowerment?


Daily Routines

What should shape our daily journey and beyond? A science of health not disease, Ayurveda’s routines transform every moment into a healing force greater than any curative measure. Harmony is the guide. Alignment follows naturally.


Seasonal Routines

A discipline and harmony with the larger universe facilitates inner transformation. All things live within seasonal rhythms – so should we.



To eat is human - to digest, divine
Diet is not merely what we eat, rather it is all that we ingest through each of our 5 senses.

Ayurveda for the World

A visionary beyond compare, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi championed the task to revitalize Ayurveda & offer it to the world as a perfect system of healthcare.

“It is time to champion a system of healthcare which is preventive, safe & without side effects. And that is Ayurveda.”


Curative Ayurveda

Health, not illness, is our natural state. Ayurveda’s focus is on making the body work at its best.

In a world of extraordinary pace, hollow promises and myriad distractions can derail us. Disease, so often, is the result. Ayurveda shines a light, illuminating the roots within. And signposting the journey back to health. 

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