Ahara Ghee is run and founded by Ayurvedic Practitioners. The founders are still the owners and we met at the California College of Ayurveda, where we studied together. After Graduation, we started a small clinic in San Francisco, where we performed traditional Ayurvedic Body therapies and lead folks through healing in the great Ayurvedic traditions. Through herbs, food and lifestyle practices, we each specialized in our own niche. We bring our ghee to you from the perspective gained in our studies. You won't find ghee made from NON cultured butter, or see it made in giant machines. We bring you ghee as good as we made for clients and our own families.

We will be launching our new service wing of the business soon, so I hope you all stay tuned! 


Andrea is the visionary and founder behind Ahara Ghee––the heart center of the company, who has guided the precise mission of Ahara since she first began selling ghee (known back then as Ahara Rasa ghee) to private clients inside a small Ayurvedic Center in Portland, Oregon. Today, Ahara Ghee is a transformative product for all people. 

 On the day to day, Andrea cultivates innovative pathways and partnerships to further the mission of Ahara ghee. She has long been on the wellness path; as a massage therapist for 18 years, and an Ayurvedic student turned specialist for over a decade. At the California College of Ayurveda, her wellness studies brought her into partnership with Martin Lemke, co-founder of Ahara ghee. There, the two discovered an affinity for business together and formed a lasting bond that eventually brought Martin to Portland as the Chief Officer of Operations for Ahara Ghee. As a mother, Andrea has experienced the healing powers of ghee postpartum after the births of her two children. Her personal experience with the healing powers of ghee has only strengthened her resolve to bring the nourishment of ghee to as many people as she can. 


Martin is the grounding force behind Ahara ghee. As co-founder, he oversees the production, quality, and care of Ahara ghee. With a background rooted in Ayurvedic principles and certifications, Martin ensures that Ahara operates with integrity and a consciousness derived from his studies over the years. He oversees the selection of high-quality ingredients and socially conscious producers, and determines the highest practices for making ghee from start to finish. Martin whispers our ghee into existence.