Like every worthwhile journey, our mission began from the inside out.
Our work as practitioners of Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine) opened us up to the revelatory truth that food is medicine. Ahara stems from the Sanskrit phrase “ahara rasa” which means the “essence of food.” Through our explorations into wellness, we learned of the purifying and nourishing benefits of ghee, the clarified elixir of ancient traditions. 
We first began selling ghee out of our small Ayurvedic clinic and pharmacy as a means of support for our client’s mind-body health concerns, but soon realized the opportunity to nourish more people. 

At Ahara, we make ghee for your highest good. Ghee is butter in its purest form, both dairy-free, lactose-free, and an essential source of daily nutrition. We first began selling ghee to our Ayurvedic clients as a means of dietary and spiritual support, but soon realized the opportunity to nourish more people. 
For us, ghee is a powerful source of energy––connecting, comforting, restorative. 

Our company and its pursuits point to the spirit from which our holistic processes arise. We make ghee in the style of ancient Ayurvedic tradition; prepared in small batches from grassfed, vat-cultured cream, which is traditionally churned into butter then purified over an open flame to golden clarity. Our butter is certified organic, sourced from local, partner dairy farms in the Pacific Northwest. Each batch is crafted with intention, from conscious sourcing to the way we gently caramelize the milk solids before they are removed. The unctuous, grounding quality of our golden ghee comes from this rigorous process meant to empower the body. Our goal is to infuse every step of our process in the same manner that we approach life–– mindfully. 

Ahara ghee is a precious energy source that is as much for the mind as it is for the body. With each use, our ghee provides nourishment and a subtle energy. Use it to bake, fry, sauté, spread and incorporate into your foods at every meal. Use ghee for home remedies and beauty alternatives–– its ability to absorb and deliver nourishment, a wellness wonder. Introduce Ahara ghee to the daily rhythms of your own life and watch the world illuminate. 

Heal from the inside out. Nourish from within. Live golden.