Time To Let It Flow - The Ayurvedic Element of Water

Time To Let It Flow - The Ayurvedic Element of Water

Author: Rianne Chittenden

First there was Ether, spacious expansiveness.

Then with movement, came Air.

Where there is movement, there is friction. With friction, there is Fire.

When the heat of Fire dissolves and liquefies, there is Water.

When Water solidifies, there is Earth.

The 5 elements in Ayurvedic theory. Each season we see and feel different elements peak. Winter is the season of Air and Ether. Spring is the season of Earth and Water. We have been slowly feeling the transition from Air and Ether to Earth and Water since mid-winter. It's time to wake up. 

Allow the Spring Waters to move the stagnation of Winter.

Water is life. Without it, there is separation, dryness. There is less life in the Winter because there is less water. As the snow from the mountain tops slowly begins to melt and turn into water in Spring, streams and rivers become fuller. Life is fortified from this nourishment and begins to emerge from the dark, dense ground. As the water around us increases and life emerges, we also feel a new sense of vitality. Our bodies are approximately 60% water and now it is easier to maintain a healthy amount. Water is the carrier of nutrients and messages between organ systems. 

With so much water, we need to help our Agni (digestive fire) by bringing in the heat to our diet. Sip this warming digestive tea and then relax and allow the increasing water element of this Spring to wash over you. Water carries emotion. Sit by a river or a large body of water. Take a long bath. In the shower, really feel the water trickling down your body. Play ocean or river sounds while you go throughout your day. Or maybe just crack a window to hear the rain outside. Feel those spirling thoughts begin to dissolve and be metabolized by the water into the earth. As water is life, communication and connection, it has the power to heal. Allow the new waters of Spring to move through you. Root down with what you hold as truth and release what no longer serves you. 

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