Ginger Lemon Tea to fire up Digestion!

Ginger Lemon Tea to fire up Digestion!

Recipe by Rianne Chittenden

Over-eat? Feeling dull, heavy, sluggish? Simple want something to warm you up? This fresh lemon ginger tea will surely bring the heat to your digestive organs. It has a kick to it so if it's too much just add more water until it's diluted to your preferred taste. 



2 cups water

About 2-3 inches fresh ginger root 

Squeeze of fresh lemon to taste

Pinch pink Himalayan salt

Optional Spices:

Spring Time: 1 whole cardamom pod, break open, toss the outer shell and use the seeds (want the seeds to be black, if light brown, toss them)

Winter Time: 2-3 Cloves

Need Sweet? ~½ tsp raw honey or if avoiding sugar, a stick of ceylon cinnamon


1. Bring water to low simmer

2. Peel and remove skin of ginger. Dice into dime size pieces (should be about 15-20 pieces)

3. Add ginger and spices to water and low simmer for about 10-15 minutes

4. Strain into tea cup 

5. Add pinch of pink Himalayan salt and squeeze of lemon

6. If adding honey, add once tea is at drinkable temperature (cooked honey is extremely difficult for the body to digest)

7. This tea can save up to 2 days in the fridge so feel free to make a big batch to last a couple of days if desired!

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