Ghrita (medicated ghee) and Bioavailability in Ayurveda

Ghrita (medicated ghee) and Bioavailability in Ayurveda

Note from our founder: "This article is not intended as an exhaustive explanation of ghrita or bioavailability, but rather as a basic intro, to educate our customers to the benefits of medicated ghee/ ghrita. We would love to hear your comments and questions if you would leave one below, so we can elaborate for you."

One of the things that drew the founders of Ahara Ghee to Ayurveda was that it was WAY ahead of its time and made discoveries that Western medicine is barely getting around to validating. A great example of this is bio-availability of herbal medicines such as Turmeric and Black pepper. as their combination increases the potency of Turmeric and the overall absorption (Yogavahi). 

We have, as a habit, in western culture, the bias that the Western Scientific Method is the ONLY way to validate something as true. This is both an ethnocentric bias and an ignorant one, with more than a bit of racism in its basis. For the sake of this example, the Vedic texts suggest the addition of more than one type of pepper to be used with Turmeric, (containing piperine) but shift WHICH type, by Dosha. For instance, a VATA or KAPHA individual may be best served with regular Black Pepper, whereas a PITTA dominant individual would be better served with Pippili (Long Pepper). In this case, western science is barely showing the grand and general pieces of the puzzle, while Ayurveda has been nuanced on the topic for Millenia. It will take centuries for Western Medicine to study the possible combinations of herbs and American Scientists have little interest in doing so.  Indian Western and Ayurvedic scientists lead the way in the validation of this massive science. 

This brings us to the lesser known science of Ghrita, or medicinal ghee. This process acknowledges that there are unique compounds in each medicine, some of which are extracted by WATER, and some, in OIL. (There are, of course, further types of extraction with acids or alcohol, but that is beyond the scope of this blog. ). A Ghrita is made by a deep water decoction and then the addition of ghee. The water is then removed in a long and patient process, leaving a full-spectrum, shelf stable, herbal product which is both gentler on the system AND more profound. 

According to Ayurveda, medicines must travel through layers of tissues, also known as Dhatus. They start superficial and go deep: Rasa (lymph and bodily water), Rakta (blood, specifically red blood cells and circulatory system), Mamsa (muscle), Meda (fat), Asthi (bone) and finally, the DEEPEST tissue, Shukra (reproductive). This means that if you are treating the reproductive system, the method of herbal application is extremely important, as is the health of the tissues that come before it. The herbs for reproduction are all but wasted in an alcohol tincture form, which is absorbed quickly and burns out fast, without the depth to make it to the dhatu it is attempting to work on. Ghee is particularly deep, with an affinity for the Shukra Dhatu. By using herbs intended for this region, in a ghrita, you get the formula where it is meant to go. I would expect that validating this claim will take a long time though the western method, not because it cannot be studied, but because Western Studies must be funded, and therefore have an application that either industry or university is interested in. 

There are many classical Ghritas with specific formulations, and, while useful, are more obscure to apply on your own. Here at Ahara ghee, we are bringing the most needed ghritas to you, those that are the most accessible and most useful in your daily lives. These formulations are of our own making from our background as practitioners, but the process is ancient. Our newest formulation, Fertili-Ghee™ is on PRE-sale now, and will ship the first week in August. Our first version, "The Mother" is sold out if its first run and is scheduled to be back sometime mid-August 2021. You can continue to purchase them when they run out, as it funds the next run of these micro-batch creations and ensures their continued survival. Thank you for your support of these products and your help in bringing the gifts of Ayurveda to the global stage. 

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