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Breakfast Cure is a brand after our own heart. Owned by a practicing Acupuncturist, this company solves a problem we have long experienced as practitioners: Namely, that it is HARD to learn a new cooking style, even if you know it is good for you! 

Breakfast cure has already assembled, whole food packets that you just dump into your slow cooker and add water. No preservatives, no BS. ALSO! They use our Ahara Traditional Ghee in these products! Congee and Kitchadi are staples of an ayurvedic kitchen and an easy and tasty way to reset the digestion. Keep these on hand for times when nothing sounds good, you don't know what to eat, your digestion feels "off" or you want to keep it simple. This is medicinal eating at its easiest. 

Karen's Kitchadi by Breakfast Cure

Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic dish that has been eaten in India for centuries as a gentle yet nourishing cleanse for body and soul. In Ayurvedic medicine, Kitchari is used to balance all three constitutional types, or doshas: vata, pitta, and kapha.

Brilliantly yellow from fresh turmeric root means this meal is not only beautiful, it helps beat inflammation too. These special lentils add to the golden glow, while providing tons of fiber and protein. Made with authentic, traditionally cultured organic grass fed ghee, this breakfast feels good on every level.

Delicious by itself, try adding a handful of chopped seasonal fresh veggies 10-15 minutes before serving. A dollop of plain yogurt is also divine.

Organic golden lentils, organic brown basmati rice, organic cultured ghee, (milk), organic carrots, organic ginger root, organic turmeric root, organic red peppers, organic spices, Himalayan pink salt.



Red Mushroom Medley - 4 pack

A savory congee treat from Breakfast Cure® combining the wisdom of Chinese medicine for building blood with a carefully selected and delightful flavor profile. Red Mushroom Medley is a savory recipe formulated to nourish blood. It contains organic, gluten-free, iron-rich foods that deliver all the nutrients needed to build red blood cells. Oxygenate your body and brain!

Revered as a special blood-nourishing, tonic medicinal, adaptogenic mushroom, Wuyi mushrooms grow only on Wuyi Mountain in China and can’t be cultivated. Here we combine them with other special ingredients including Shiitake mushrooms, Bhutanese red rice, Jujube “Da Zao” red dates, Longan fruit “Long Yan Rou,” coconut cream, and delicious herbs and spices used for centuries in herbal formulas to build blood and calm the mind.

Top with miso soup packaged separately and enjoy Breakfast Cure® for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Organic sushi rice, organic adzuki beans, organic red rice, organic short grain brown rice, certified gluten-free brown teff, organic brown jasmine rice, organic da zao fruit (red jujube), organic longan fruit, organic coconut cream (tree nut),organic Wuyi red mushrooms, organic shiitake mushrooms, organic cacao butter, organic spices, *miso powder (soy), Himalayan pink salt