Mama's Menu - by Ameya Duprey, Ayurvedic Postpartum specialist

This is a must-have cookbook for postpartum mothers serious about their recovery. By following the recipes in this cookbook, you can regain your vitality quickly, as well as avoid problems including low milk supply, exhaustion, and baby colic. If you are ready to regain your vitality after birth through a delicious postnatal diet, this cookbook is for you!

Drawing from the wisdom of traditional Ayurveda, Ameya Duprey has created a delicious guide, containing the best rejuvenating recipes for your postpartum recovery. The recipes in Mama's Menu lead you to step by step through the 4 phases of Ayurvedic postpartum rejuvenation.

Mama' Menu includes:

- The basic Ayurvedic concepts relevant to your postnatal healing
- The elements needed to rebalance after birth
- The best foods and spices to rebuild your vitality
- A complete shopping list
- 70 delicious, easy-to-follow vegetarian recipes dedicated to your postnatal healing.

These 70 recipes are divided into the 4 phases of your postpartum recovery:
-Days 1-3: Cleansing and Digestion
-Days 4-10: Digestion & Lactation
-Days 11-21: Lactation & Rejuvenation
-Days 22-42: Rejuvenation

In each section, you will find recipes for drinks, breakfast foods, main meals, snacks, and desserts. All you have to do is pick your favorite recipes, follow the chapters chronologically, and you will eat your way to postnatal bliss!!

*Vegan & Gluten-Free recipes included*