RECIPE: Delish Squash & Sprouts Side Dish

RECIPE: Delish Squash & Sprouts Side Dish

Author: Rianne Chittenden

If the energy of Springtime is making you antsy to try something new, look no further than this recipe! The perfect side dish to bring to your Spring potlucks! The sweetness of the butternut squash is a great balance to the bitterness of the brussel sprouts. AND Fenugreek, Mustard and Tumeric are all bitter as well which help to get the stagnation of winter moving. 


4 cups cubed Butternut Squash / 1 small squash

3 cups Halved Brussel Sprouts / about ¾ of a pound bag

Ahara Traditional Ghee to coat bottom the pan

½  tsp Whole Fenugreek Seed

1 tsp Whole Mustard Seed

1-inch piece Fresh Ginger Root - once minced, is about 1 tsp full

1 tsp ground Tumeric

Salt and Pepper to Taste

*Once the whole seeds are ground, they about double to 1 tsp ground Fenugreek and 2 tsp ground Mustard seed. If you’re not on the whole seed train yet, I highly recommend. The flavor is so much more vibrant AND you get the medicinal benefits of the spice. Ground spices lose their oompf after about 48 hours. Tumeric is a root and maintains its medicinal properties after being ground. 

Makes 3-4 side dishes

  1. If using whole butternut squash (versus frozen), peel and cube into ½ - 1inch pieces
  2. Remove the dried end of the brussel sprouts and halve
  3. Grind whole fenugreek and mustard seed in spice/coffee grinder.
  4. Peel and mince fresh ginger root
  5. Have your spices and ginger ready to go before heating the pan! Timing is important
  6. Heat a large saute pan on low-medium heat
  7. Once heated, add enough ghee to coat the bottom of the pan with a thin layer of ghee
  8. Add all ground spices to the oil and stir in. It will only take about 30 seconds for the volatile oils to be released and your kitchen to smell wonderful. You don’t want the spices to burn so once you smell them, add the chopped ginger to cool down the pan. Stir for about 30 more seconds
  9. Add the butternut squash and cook for about 15 minutes, stirring frequently. The fork can puncture the squash a bit easier now than when uncooked.
  10. Add the brussel sprouts for the last additional 15 minutes. 
  11. Once fully cooked, the fork will easily slide through the squash and the sprouts will be firm but the fork can slide through
  12. Salt and Pepper to taste

Complete Meal Suggestions: Serve with hemp hearts(vegetarian) or chicken!

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