Made with Ahara Vanilla Dream Ghee.

How to Butter Coffee/Tea/Steamer the I Love Ghee™ Way

Made with Ahara Vanilla Dream Ghee.

Brew your favorite, low-acid coffee in a french press (or preferred method), add the hot coffee, 1 Tbsp Traditional, Vanilla, Brown Butter or Chai Ghee to your coffee and blend on high for 1-2 min. 

For Chai, do a simple bagged chai and add the steeped liquid to the blender with the same proportion of Ghee and blend until creamy and frothy. You can also use simple black tea and add our chai ghee to make it so!

Super-Food Latte Options: 

• Add a touch of nutmilk or alt milk of your choosing for the lovely upgraded version

• Add herbs for stamina and strength appropriate for your body, like Maca, Ashwaghanda or Shatavari

• A touch of maple syrup if you are not keto or paleo

• 1/4 tsp of sunflower lecithin acts as a natural emulsifier so it will not separate, also good for healing damaged tissues and strengthening ligaments.

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