Hot Buttered Cacao - French Press

Hot Buttered Cacao - French Press

 "I was looking for a way to quit caffeine and coffee, specifically, when a friend mentioned a new company making cacao to be brewed like coffee. I smacked my head in the way you might be doing, right now, like "Duh! Why didn't I think of that?!" I had some extra nibs around, and I IMMEDIATELY went to my kitchen to try it. "

I wanted a roastier, more adult-version, more like coffee, so I roasted the already roasted nibs a bit longer (see below for instructions). If your nibs are raw, you will want to add about 10 more minutes to the time I gave and reduce the temp to 325F. 

My warning about this is that: Cacao is NO joke. It IS a powerful medicine. The first cup had me, really. I was making sexy eyes at my cup in a way that had my partner raising his eyebrows. The SECOND issue, is that is is SO SO good, that I decided to have another cup...and then another...and then another. DO NOT DO THIS. One cup is magic, 3 cups is waaaay too much. Theobromine and Anandamide are powerful mood elevators, with Anandamide coming from the Sanskrit word for Bliss "Ananda". In small amounts, they boost mood, decrease anxiety and increase energy with very low caffeine. This sounded GREAT to me...but it also turns out that TOO much theobromine, like too much caffeine, can make you nauseous and sweaty and in my case, bring out a headache. 1 big cup is magic. Enjoy this lovely medicine. DON'T overdo it and it will remain a love affair for years to come. 

More about the medicinal effects of cacao here: 

Hot Buttered Cacao

French Pressed and Blended


1 - 1.5 Tbsp Ahara Ghee - (Traditional, Vanilla Dream, Brown Butter or Chai Spice)

1/4 Cup Roasted Cacao Nibs

2 cups boiling water

Creamy sweetness of choice (see variations below)


Ahara Version

Whole Milk and Dark Maple syrup to taste

Paleo Version

Full Fat Coconut Milk and Honey/ Maple Syrup

Keto Version

Heavy Cream/ Monkfruit/Erythritol or Stevia


  1. For a richer roast, we recommend extra roasting your nibs for 7 minutes at 350F and COOLING COMPLETELY. If you do NOT cool them, it will become chocolate in your grinder.
  2. Grind cooled nibs to a coarse, salt like texture, just like coffee for the french press
  3. Put grounds in french press
  4. Pour fully boiling water over grounds, stir and gently cover, unpressed for 5 minutes
  5. Press
  6. Pour into high-speed blender
  7. Add ghee and fixing variation of choice (listed above)
  8. Blend on high-speed for 40 Seconds
  9. Pour and enjoy frothy goodness

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