Health Headliner - Dr. Siva Mohan

Health Headliner - Dr. Siva Mohan


Dr Siva Mohan MD & Ayurvedic Lifestyle Expert

Note from Ahara Owner, Andrea Shuman:

I met Dr. Siva Mohan at an event at Vedika Gurukula. I was struck, immediately at her approachability and authenticity. She was working on Ayurvedic Postpartum teachings, as I was, at the time, and we shared tea at a beautiful Oakland Coffee house. She has remained a colleague and an inspiration to us. We are thrilled to introduce you to her work and offerings. We highly recommend you check out her "One Moon Cycle Together", which is only $47 and will help you learn how to work with the moon cycles through Ayurveda. The next session for this starts October 2021. 

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Dr. Siva Mohan MD BIO

Siva is a big picture person. An integrationist. A pattern seer.

As a UN Social Affairs Officer focused on Women’s Health, and after working with private clients for over 10 years, Dr. Siva realized that women from every walk of life are missing the basics of wellness. Across cultures and continents, women are leading lives set up for chronic disease.

Siva’s international Public Health background pushed her to reassess how to best show up for women all over the world – how to “teach them to fish.” The answer came from her background Ayurveda – help women establish the three pillars of health and happiness: food, sex, and sleep.

Her book, Ayurveda for Yoga Teachers & Students (Singing Dragon Press, July 2019), guides modern yoginis into these basics of energetic awareness, and self healing.


I’m a woman who figured out how to be on her path, how to prioritize her internal state of harmony, and took back control of her life experience.

I changed my career, learned how to feel supported, cleaned up my relationships, cut out drama, and revolutionized how I show up for myself. Along the way, I remedied my IBS, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, nodulocystic acne, eczema, and chronic sinusitis. Of course it was all related, and being the science dork obsessed with the mind-body connection that I am, I immersed myself in learning how. Ayurveda, and yoga were vehicles for my healing and spiritual growth, and these are the tools I share with you.  

Ayurveda can be complex. It is. It’s also simultaneously basic (non dualism at it’s best).  My goal is to make it simple, and enjoyable, because then, you’re more likely to use it.

I’ve come to accept that life doesn’t always feel easy, and that Ayurveda can be really effective in helping us feel good even when practiced imperfectly.

One of my gifts is to show you how to fit Ayurveda into the container of your modern urban life. It’s like a fun puzzle we figure out together. You feel better, and I’m an impact-junkie, so win-win.

I have an extensive background in health (which you can learn about below), which reveals how invested I am in healing. What I didn’t learn in school, but did with my clients and personal practice, is to hold space for your journey to be sacredno matter what it looks like.

I do this because I love it. I couldn’t do what I love, or be on my path, without you. So, thanks for sharing the journey, Siva


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