Health Headliner: April Hansen - Ayurvedic Health Advisor, Holistic Nurse, Essential Oil Educator

Health Headliner: April Hansen - Ayurvedic Health Advisor, Holistic Nurse, Essential Oil Educator

Note from Ahara Assistant, Rianne Chittenden:

Through studying at the Sarasvati Institute of Ayurveda Yoga Therapy I feel so fortunate to have such passionate and powerful women in my life. I was immediately attracted to April's glow and began connecting with her. We first bonded over essential oils (game changer to have in your toolkit!) and I then joined her Women's Circle she lead in 2021. We are now wonderful friends and I could not recommend her enough. You can't help but soften in her presence. 

From April

If you are open to experiencing profound shifts of energy, then you will find me when life‘s challenges create overwhelm. As a gifted practitioner of the energetic healing arts, I combine the thousands year old practices of Ayurveda and Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy) with deep intuition to help clients move out of anxiety and into vitality.


I am a Certified Holistic Registered Nurse, Reiki practitioner, Reflexologist and Ayurveda Health Advisor and Yoga Consultant. My treatments are all 90 minutes and include health coaching, essential oils, reflexology and reiki. You can also book just an Ayurveda consult in-person or via Zoom.


I started my nursing career in 1996 as a pediatric and adult nurse in surgery. I worked as a surgical trauma nurse for over 20 years in teaching hospitals across the country. This highly specialized training allowed me to be with patients at the worst moments of their lives, providing life-saving care to them. I was deeply honored to be granted this tremendous amount of trust, something I never took lightly. Today, I provide that same care and respect, but in a more fulfilling, energetic way.

I found Reiki in 2013 when I was experiencing my own “dark night of the soul” and it changed my life. I quit my nursing job and embarked on a healing path that led me to where I am now. I am trained for hands-on and distance Reiki under the Usui Reiki lineage. I love giving Reiki to humans, children and animals.

I learned Reflexology in 2013 through the Oregon School of Massage and later took advanced training under Bill Flucco using the “Flucco Method” of reflex linking for hands, ears, and feet. I continue to be amazed by the many benefits of my reflexology practice.

In 2016, I was trained as a Certified Holistic Health Coach using nutrition, cleanses, essential oils, flower essences, muscle testing (applied kinesiology), and vibrational medicine.

When I discovered Ayurveda, I felt that I had found my true calling. Ayurveda encompasses three of my main passions: essential oils, spices, and holistic health. I completed training at the Sarasvati Institute of Ayurveda Yoga Therapy (SIAY) in 2017. I am currently on faculty at the Sarasvati Institute teaching essential oil and marma therapy. I continue to study with SIAY founder Susan Bass and Dr. Vasant Lad at The Ayurvedic Institute.

In my free time, I like to teach therapeutic essential oil classes, cook Indian food, eat chocolate and talk about exotic spices. When I’m not cooking, baking or eating, you might find me laughing, camping, swimming, surfing, scuba diving, hiking or at the local park hula hooping.

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