Ghee as skincare - Vogue India article 🪷

Ghee as skincare - Vogue India article 🪷

We’re loving this post in Vogue India about ghee as skincare: 

The highlights are: 

  1. The skin is held together by epidermal lipids, a type of oily wax found in the outermost layer of the dermis. These band together to prevent permeability, retain moisture, and form a physical protective barrier against free radicals, oxidants, dust, bacteria and pollution at the top layer of the skin, just under the surface.
  2. Adding ceramides and fatty acids as topical ingredients can help to fight dryness, fine lines and irritation.
  3. Chock-full of fatty acids and butyrate, ghee is the ideal ingredient to moisturise extremely sensitive skin that is prone to redness or inflammation. 
  4. Since it stays solid, skincare products with ghee as the moisturising component are easier and safer to use on-the-go, compared to those with oils.

“Ghee is an anhydrous healthy fat, and has been touted as one of the healthiest moisturizers for skin. Ayurveda advocates the application of ghee as it is the finest of all fats, and has around 1,000 potentialities,” says Dr Taruna Yadav, senior Ayurveda expert at Forest Essentials. “Ghee has a number of important karmas, or benefits. It is an Ojovardhark, which means that it improves the overall vitality and life energy (ojas) of the body. Rasayana and Kanti Prada are other important qualities, [which are a result of its] antioxidant and radiance-boosting properties.”


 You can read the full article here:

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