Palm Done Right® - Palm Oil: Conflict Palm vs. Sustainable Palm

Palm Done Right® - Palm Oil: Conflict Palm vs. Sustainable Palm

We have been working on a vegan version of one of our beloved flavors (and, spoiler alert, it is AWESOME!), and palm shortening is the absolute best vegan replacement. In India, they call this "Vanaspati Ghee".  Many years ago, a large Indian corporation still leading in India today, created Vanaspati ghee as a cheaper alternative to Desi Ghee. While most Vanaspati ghee in India is made from conflict palm, ours will be South American sourced from sustainable palm, certified by the Palm Done Right® project. We want to begin the process of educating our customers on the difference between conflict palm oil, which is planet destroying and hurts animals, and sustainable palm oil, which has many environmental and health benefits. 

We are sourcing our Palm shortening from GloryBee foods in Eugene, Oregon. They are a partner of the Palm Done Right® Program. Please check out the embedded links for more info! Our first release will be in September, which is "Palm Done Right" Month

What is Palm Done Right®?

conflict palm vs sustainable palm

Provided by GloryBee INC

 Palm Done Right is the sustainable palm oil solution. It is a movement to prove that palm oil can be grown for good, and show that when “done right”, palm oil can bring significant positive impact to the world. Palm Done Right® brings together manufacturers, retailers and consumers to increase awareness about the social and environmental benefits of palm grown organically, with fair-trade practices, working with independent farms and the ethical treatment of farm and plantation workers. It is the highest possible standard for palm oil and goes above and beyond any other certification program.

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Hi Sharon! Our first Vegan flavor will be release with ANOTHER delightful Vegan product, soon to be announced, on September 1st for presale, shipping the week after. Sign up for the mailing list for more info. -Andrea

Ahara Ghee

Great article. When will your vegan ghee be available to buy?

Sharon Smithline

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