Make Gratitude a Year-Round Commitment

Make Gratitude a Year-Round Commitment

 Author: Rianne Chittenden 

It’s that time of year again where everyone begins to speak about being thankful. As we are re-evaluating how our society operates and questioning everything, I invite you to check out this article on the history of Thanksgiving. It dives into the myths around this holiday. I believe it is crucial to know the truth. This is not to take away from the celebration at this time of year, though. Celebration and gathering are so healing and a part of who we are. Come together, be with family. Connect and relax. But don’t blindly follow the old story and false, harmful history. WHAT are you celebrating? WHY are you gathering with your family at this time? Re-write the story. 

Make gratitude a year-round commitment. Your thoughts, intentions and words carry a vibration which alter the physical structure of your body. This is not a belief, this is a fact that modern science has been building evidence behind for quite some time. I recommend researching the work of Dr. Candace B. Pert and Dr. Masaru Emoto who both did extensive research linking the emotional to the physical. No one or no thing has influence over your mindset WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT. Do not give away your freedom of thought. You choose how you respond. 

Take a moment and connect with these words by saying them out loud or loudly in your head: fear, hate, separation, attack, isolation, dis-ease, lack, confinement, shame.  Really feel what they mean to you. Now, shake it off. Yes, shake. Wiggle your body, let go of all those heavy words. 

Then, take a moment and connect with these words out loud or loudly in your head: love, joy, community, harmony, play, laughter, embrace, gratitude, abundance, vulnerability. Really feel what they mean to you.

Notice how this quick, simple practice is able to shift your state. You have so much power with the daily choices you make to create stability in your life.

I encourage you to begin a daily practice to write and meditate on everything you are grateful for. If that sounds boring to you, make play a non-negotiable part of your day. Do something for at least 20 minutes that lights you up. You do it for fun and nothing else. If you don't know where to start, try here. When you make space for thoughts and practices that lift you up, you have less space for what brings you down. 

On that note, we at Ahara Ghee would like to take a moment of appreciation and gratitude for you, our customers. We are dedicated to providing products and resources that are deeply nourishing for your mind, body and spirit. For you to support us and our artisanal food means so much. We bow to you for choosing us to nurture your well-being.

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