ARG Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

ARG Statement Against Anti-Asian Violence

We don't want to mince words here. We thoroughly denounce violence against the AAPI community.

Through the last 2 decades, most recently and deeply woven into the history of the USA there have been repeated attempts to scapegoat the AAPI (ASIAN AMERICAN PACIFIC ISLANDER) community. From the attacks on Indian Americans after 911, particularly Sikhs, when ignorant people targeted them for wearing turbans, and since Covid-19, all Asians, regardless of nationality have been under attack for presumed Chinese identity. This was exacerbated by the former President, who insisted on branding Covid-19 the "China Flu" and taking no responsibility for the resulting hate crimes from his followers. 

Hate crimes and racist attacks have no place in our future or our present. We categorically reject the policies and statements that allow these to occur. While we know it sounds harsh, we are not interested in serving customers that prop up racist statements and policies that refuse to protect our AAPI citizens. We welcome these customers to look elsewhere for their ghee and look into their hearts if they are upset by these statements, as to why they want an Asian-born food at all, if they are not willing to respect the cultures from which they come. 

As practitioners of Ayurveda and a company that benefits from the knowledge imparted from dearly loved Indian teachers, and the fact that we are working with medicines and foods that come from South Asia, (and as HUMAN -BEINGS!) primarily, we feel a responsibility to backup our AAPI community.  We will fiercely stand with our Asian brothers and sisters against racist action and policy.

For more information on how you can help and how to report hate crimes, please go to


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