Ahara's reluctant price increase

Ahara's reluctant price increase

From the beginning, using a high quality, grassfed and CULTURED butter as the base of our ghee has been an economic challenge. Competing with cheap quality butter sources and mass production has always left us with narrow margins. I am sharing because, with the pandemic and supply chain woes, Ahara Ghee recently endured 3 months without lids for our jars (as they sat in the port with millions of other items), making us unable to produce and seriously impacting cash flow... and a few weeks ago, we received a HUGE price increase on butter due to the bumps in fuel prices. This took us up OVER $1.00 a pound more than we previously paid. Unfortunately, that means that we need to pass on some of the costs or we will be losing money on each jar. Like many small, boutique businesses, we have struggled to remain alive while our large competitors have coffers they can sit on while this moment passes. I know this is a hardship on our customers end as well. I know you have cheaper alternatives. Over the years, we really resisted decresing our quality in favor of cheaper prices, and while that kept our ghee AMAZING it has not helped us much, financially. 

Ahara is going through some hard times, folks! If you love our ghee, and want to see it continue, I humbly ask that you support us by continuing to use our products through this increase. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out. 

I Love Ghee Loves YOU! 

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As your mother I know how hard it is for you to let Ahara go. I want to thank you and Martin for letting me be a part of the company by just being an employee. I was proud to help produce such a quality product. It was the best job I ever had. Working with Martin was a joy He made it enjoyable to work hard. . You had great employees who will remain friends for life. I miss my Ahara family.
(Did you think I wouldn’t comment?)

Shuman Susan

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