Medicated Ghee Gift Pair

A perfect gift for natural healing and comfort, this exciting bundle combines two powerful medicated ghee products from Ahara Ghee - The Mother and Fertili-Ghee™. Both come in 6 oz jars for internal and external use. 

The Mother, uses a thousands-of-years-old Ayurvedic process to extract the herbs to their full-spectrum and Cools Pitta, Nourishes Vata and Balances Kapha. Includes Cultured Grassfed Clarified Butter (Milk), Organic Neem, Organic Turmeric Root, and Organic Licorice Root. Learn more about The Mother.

Fertili-Ghee™ can be ingested or used topically, and improves fertility, libido, and immune function. It is really quite tasty and can be taken as a traditional ghritta (on an empty stomach, with hot water under the dosing guidance of your practitioner), or in drinks such as chai or other herbal teas, or even on toast. Learn more about Fertili-Ghee™.

Save $3 with this bundle! (compared to when purchased separately)


**The FDA has not evaluated the claims above. This product is not advertised to cure, diagnose or treat any diseases. The herbs used in this formula have long historical use in fertility enhancement but, of course, we are not able to make any guarantees or promises and as always, use with other positive lifestyle and health changes for best results and see a qualified practitioner for advice.