Kosha Ayurveda Copper Tongue Scraper Cleaner | Perfect Surgical Tongue Scraper | Best remedy for bad breath | Maintains Oral Hygiene | Thick Safe Blunt Edges | Flexible handle and Comfortable Grip.

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Why opt for copper?

Ayurveda’s medicinal texts talk about tongue scrapers being made from pure, unalloyed metals, such as gold, silver, copper or tin. However, we now know copper is the only substance you should be using for your tongue scrapers. Copper as a metal has been known for its medicinal purposes for centuries. Even in ancient times, copper was recognized as a source of minerals and a cleansing agent. Copper tongue scrapers are far more effective than plastic scrapers or other metal scrapers because of copper natural properties.

Why should you Buy Kosha Copper Tongue Scraper?

Features a sleek, ergonomic design for effortless cleaning

Thick, long handles to control the pressure while cleaning the tongue and the curved shape enable you to reach the entire surface of the tongue without any injuries

SPECIAL PACKAGING: Each Tongue cleaner is wrapped up in an exquisite cotton pouch.

Brushing, flossing or using mouthwash isn’t enough to ensure complete oral hygiene. Therefore, A few strokes of Kosha copper tongue cleaner every day ensures the fresh breath, enhances the sense of taste and promotes the overall health of internal organs. Kosha copper tongue cleaner has perfect cleaning edge. To improve your oral hygiene, use Kosha Ayurveda Tongue Scraper with Dental Floss. Copper tongue scrapers are far more effective than plastic scrapers


  • WIDER CLEANING EDGES: Kosha Ayurveda’s Copper tongue scraper has a wide scraping edge, which allows you to scrape the entire tongue width with a single stroke. No area is left untouched, providing healthy cleaning to the entire tongue
  • MADE OF PURE COPPER AND COMES WITH SPECIAL PACKAGING: Made from 100% pure copper. Each tongue cleaner is carefully enveloped in an exquisite cotton pouch.
  • THICK AND SAFE BLUNT EDGES TO AVOID CUTS: Very often tongue scrapers end up causing cuts and bruises in the lips and gum. Thicker edges of the Kosha Ayurveda tongue scraper ensure such injuries do not occur and gives a smooth experience. These thick edges act as a safety measure. Slimmer and sharp edges may hurt your tongue while you try to clean it. Kosha Ayurveda has carefully designed these edges to give you the maximum gunk cleaning, that too keeping your tongue safe from any harm.
  • FLEXIBLE HANDLES: Kosha Ayurveda’s Copper tongue scraper comes with flexible holding edges so that you can customize the coverage and the manner of using it. It is easily adjustable to fit your mouth and clean the entire tongue efficiently. Optimum length ensures that cleaning the entire surface of the tongue is a breeze.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP: The handles have thick comfortable grips, which makes it easy to hold and use, and well as manipulate the shape and size while using.