Boon Boona Ethiopian Coffee

Try this delightful coffee with hints of blueberry and cacao. We love to make this in our french press, but you do you! See below for all the info and drink happily! Check out our recipe and blog on Ethiopian Niter Kibbeh Coffee Here.

Coffee Sourcing Details:


Producer: Multiple smallholder coffee producers from several sister washing stations

Region:Bensa District, Sidamo Zone, SNNPR Region

Coffee Varieties: Setami, Mikicho, Kurume, 74/158, 74/110

Processing:Dry-processed (Natural)

Elevation:1800 m

Wet Mill (Washing Station): Bombe, Qonqona, Shantawene, Damo

Certifications:NOP and JAS Organic Certified, C.A.F.E. Practices


Local people group name: Durato, Fafcho