Breakfast Cure® Congee - 3pack - Choose your flavor combo

Breakfast Cure® is a congee company started by an Oregon Acupuncturist!

Congee is a traditional, well-cooked, whole-grain based porridge that is easy to digest and used for healing throughout Asia. Breakfast Cure® has elevated Congee to an art form, offering both savory and sweet flavors with no added sugars. 

Simply pour the packet into your slow cooker and add water or broth, walk away and return to a warm, nourishing, healing, and delicious meal! 

Choose from these amazing flavors:

  • Kitchadi (An Ayurvedic Staple)
  • Red Mushroom Medly
  • Masala Chai Spice
  • Savory Romano Bean

Mission Statement:

Breakfast Cure® creates irresistibly delicious whole food breakfasts to give you the fastest homemade meal possible. By design, our simple congee method is spreading the Asian wisdom that warm cooked foods heal, soothe, and energize.

Delicious by itself, try adding a scoop of ghee, a handful of chopped seasonal fresh veggies, or fruit (depending on flavor) 10-15 minutes before serving. A dollop of plain yogurt is also divine.