Fertili-Ghee™ - Ayurvedic Infused Ghritta/ Medical Ghee - 6 oz

6 oz Jar

Put the "Ooooomb" back in the womb, with this yummy medicated ghee. Use as part of your fertility wellness and self-care routine. 

Contains: Our Animal Welfare Approved® and Truly Grassfed Ghee, infused in the traditional extraction method

  • Shatavari (translates as a woman with 100 sons)
  • Maca (increases libido and harmonizes hormones*)
  • Safed Musli - Libido enhancer and reproductive tonic "herbal viagra"
  • Cinnamon (just a little for a sexy circulatory stimulant, in safe amounts for pregnancy*)
  • Ginger (reduces inflammation, improves digestion and facilitates conception*)

Unlike "The Mother™", which is a fixer extraordinaire, but very bitter to the taste (most definitely medicinal), Fertili-Ghee™ is really quite tasty and can be taken as a traditional ghritta (on an empty stomach, with hot water under the dosing guidance of your practitioner), or in drinks such as chai or other herbal teas, or even on toast. 

Like with our other medicated ghees... we are a food company and restricted by the FDA from making medical claims. Here is what some of our old clients liked to use this for:

  • Use daily as a part of a fertility prep routine* (we recommend for best results that you use this for a few months before trying...the egg you make today is not mature for 3 months, so best to give it time to work)
  • Apply topically for all the fun stuff that LEADS to conception* (if ya know what we mean ;-) (Ok, some people use this for sex-lube :-)
  • Use internally for strengthening the reproductive system* even if you are NOT trying to get pregnant! 
  • Use internally (by mouth as a food) to stimulate libido and increase overall energy*
  • Use as an immune system enhancer* for those who have been through convalescence or had long covid and need a boost)
  • Herbs considered "safe for pregnancy" please defer to the advice of your practitioner. every body is different. 

*The FDA has not evaluated these claims. This product is not advertised to cure, diagnose or treat any diseases. The herbs used in this formula have long historical use in fertility enhancement but, of course, we are not able to make any guarantees or promises and as always, use with other positive lifestyle and health changes for best results and see a qualified practitioner for advice.

**Whew. A lot of disclaimers to sell herbs these days, guys, so use common sense and the power of your own inner wisdom. We love this stuff and we think you will too.