Dry Brush for Cellulite and Lymphatic Massage for Glowing Tighter Skin – Plastic-Free Natural Bristle Body Brush with Long Handle to Easily Exfoliate Dry Skin

Description :

We understand life can easily get stressful, overwhelming and before you know it out of balance. We’ve been there which inspired us to find new ways to live a more natural and simple lifestyle to bring balance into our lives.

Since 2015 our products have reflected this simplistic and natural approach for daily skincare. Natural exfoliation is one effective key to beautiful skin that is simple, chemical-free, and low cost.

Who are we? Two soul mates who took a journey through marriage, divorce and with a lot of hard work we evolved our relationship into a more trusting and loving friendship for almost 10 years. We then combined our strengths to team up as business partners. We share a passion for natural living, simplicity, and quality of life. Through our experience, we learned what matters most in life are these qualities. We select and design all our products with this mindset. We hope you get as much joy and benefits from them as we do.


Claudia & Damon


  • ???? SMOOTHER MORE YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE – Like Elle Macpherson who swears by dry brushing and is using our ZEN ME dry body brush as one of her top beauty secrets to help tone and tighten her skin. And it only takes 5 min a day before you shower!
  • ???? ELIMINATE DRY, FLAKY SKIN – Allow your skin to “breathe” by unclogging your pores. Dry brushing easily removes those dead skin cells, so your skin can absorb moisture better and look plumper and less wrinkly.
  • ???? REDUCE TOXINS UNDER THE SKIN – By stimulating your lymphatic system and helping it remove toxins, dry skin brushing is a powerful detoxification aid and yes this is the reason why it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and those ugly little bumps.
  • ???? RELIEVE SWELLING AND DISCOMFORT – If you suffer from swollen legs or feet, brushing your body can get you quick relief from swelling or water retention by activating your lymph flow and circulation. You will feel lighter and more energized too.
  • ???? GET CLEARER BRIGHTER SKIN - Oils and residues build up under the skin which can lead to blackheads, ingrown hair or even itching. Exfoliating your skin with this body brush exfoliator encourages faster skin renewal and your skin appears younger naturally.
  • Size: 1-Pack