Copper Counter Top Water dispenser

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Counter Top Pure Copper Water tank Dispenser with Stainless Steel Faucet to dispense Drinking water at room temperature. Pure Copper (Not coated or plated with any other material) Height: Without Lid 13.75 Inches & 16 Inches with Lid Body Diameter at maximum Bulge 11.5 Inches Opening Diameter 6 Inches Capacity 5 Gallons. Net Weight 4 lb 5 Oz All sizes & weights are approximate. Hand crafted in India. No two pieces are alike. There may be slight ding here or there due to mishandling in shipping from India. Sturdy Construction for a long life & very easy maintenance. Clean with Tomato Ketchup / Lemon & Salt / Diluted Vinegar / Copper Cleaning solution followed by Dish Washing liquid & water. No Spills. No Mess. Copper is one of the best conductor of electricity & heat. It is believed that the water becomes natural detoxifier & cleanser when stored in a copper container due to the electrical & oxidation properties of the copper. Water remains cooler at room temperature in the copper vessel. Water stored in Copper vessel naturally gets charged & energized by copper. Regular drinking of Copper charged water cleans the body till the cellular level to get rid of the toxins that we eat, drink & inhale all day long. Get all advantages in one easy to use copper water dispenser. Don’t FALL FOR cheaper version that has JOINTS that are covered up by hammering or putting a label around the center. We have INTENTIONALLY kept our dispenser PLAIN & bare to SHOW OFF the SUPERIOR quality of material & workmanship. The faucet is quarter turn high flow copper colored 304 grade Stainless Steel Guaranteed not to leak.



  • ✔ EXTRA LARGE CAPACITY OF 5 GALLONS, Put it on the Counter Top, Empty 5 Gallon water bottle in the Copper Dispenser for spill free and mess free dispensing. Made of Pure Copper with Brass faucet. Capacity Large enough for a small family to supply water throughout the day. Dispenser INTENTIONALLY kept PLAIN and without label to SHOW OFF the superior QULALITY of copper and workmanship. Others hide their joint in the center of the dispenser by either hammering or putting a label across it.
  • ✔ BUILT STURDY for Long and healthy life style. No Spills No Splashes No Mess. Once the water is filled and the lid is closed there is no need to open the lid again until next refill thus preventing contamination. Copper has many properties that helps make water healthy and alkaline which in turn helps keep optimum health of your heart, skin, eyes and other organs. It is also believed that regularly drinking copper charged water slows the ageing process. Very well built to Last you a life time.
  • ✔ LOOKS ABSOLUTELY STUNNING. Sits pretty on the counter. Makes a great Conversation piece, adds to the aesthetic value and decor of the space. This is what we call as the FUNCTIONAL PIECE OF ART. This is a HIGH END product worth every penny.
  • ✔ KEEPS WATER CHILLED FOR A LONGER PERIOD OF TIME. Natural Cool Water. Water automatically cools down to about 2 degrees below the room temperature when stored in this water dispenser. Add Ice to get Chilled water. Copper keeps water chilled for a longer time. No special instructions needed. Just wash with regular dish washing soap and water. Use Tomato Ketchup or mixture of White vinegar, water and salt when it gets tarnished. It is normal for pure copper to tarnish after regular use.
  • ✔ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. We use HIGH FLOW 304 Grade Stainless Steel Faucet that uses special silicon rubber gaskets Guaranteed not to leak. The dispenser is constructed using highest grade copper with durable construction to last a life time. Please contact us for any issues and we will be happy to resolve it to your 100% Satisfaction.
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