Nano-Ojas: For Immunity and Skin

January 17, 2022 1 Comment

Nithasha Koukoumanos and Stephanie Baty

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Introduction from Ahara founder, Andrea Shuman:

Nano-Ojas is founded and run by Nithasha Koukoumanos and Stephanie Baty, collectively known as Team Nano-Ojas. The pair began their work to establish an ecommerce presence for the brand in 2017 after seeing how powerfully the formula had impacted their lives. Their only goal was to share this potential for healing with as many people as they could. As one half of Team Nano-Ojas, Stephanie walks the line between creative and entrepreneur, influenced by a background that mixes creative pursuits and writing with business planning and sales, in addition to her role as a mother and a homeschooler. Her children call Nano by name and it fuels her family's health and healing in every conceivable way.
I met Nithasha many years ago when she called me in, to work with her as an Ayurvedic practitioner on some personal health issues. I quickly grew to adore her as a person and was enamored with her vibrant mind and ability to self-advocate in the medical system. She taught me a great deal about the importance of an empowered patient and this window into what that looked like changed my life and the way I interacted with patients.
Fast forward about 5 years and I had a child with an unexplained and undiagnosed autoimmune condition that was very frightening. Doctors were stumped and we were at a loss. My 5-year-old son was suffering severe joint pain and a non-healing skin rash...there was a huge amount of inflammation in his body that could not be explained, on the surface by diet or any other means. Doctors suspected that my son had a novel reaction to common strep, which caused a year-long painful arthritis episode. We had already been using Nano-ojas to prevent illnesses after exposure (this was pre-pandemic, but man...we LOVE this stuff), and it had worked a charm.
Since nano-ojas operates at a teeny level, the active ingredient actually enters the cell and has very fast anti-inflammatory powers without overstimulating the immune system. In Ayurveda, we refer to this as an immune modulator, rather than immune stimulator. My son asked for it by name and knew his body needed it. We used Nano as part of his anti-inflammatory routine and in concert with our other natural measures, took him out of pain within days of starting. We continue to use nano as part of our life and it has been invaluable during covid times. None of us ever got Covid, even before we were vaccinated. Now that we are vaccinated and breakthrough infections are still happening, we have been through exposures but never got it ourselves.


What is Ojas?

Meaning vigor in Sanskrit, Ojas (OH-jus) refers to the vital life force within that is the foundation of immunity and longevity. It is the vibrant essence of a body well-nourished and functioning optimally. 

Why Nano-Ojas

Nano-Ojas (patent name: Metadichol®) was developed in response to these troubling questions:

Why are we so sick? Why are we not getting better?

We’re stressed. We’re overworked. We’re poorly nourished. We’re ravaged by toxins. We’re exhausted.

Our immune system is no longer working the way it’s supposed to, compromising the body’s natural ability to fight and heal properly.

But we’ve uncovered the solution:

an ancient plant compound developed with modern nanoscience into a versatile, highly adaptive immune-strengthening formula.

Metadichol® (the globally patented formula in Nano-Ojas) is a holistic breakthrough capable of helping you make remarkable progress along your health journey, Nano-Ojas represents a potent non-drug alternative that anyone can use.

Made in Switzerland and headquartered in Oregon, this plant-based nano policosanol delivers an unprecedented method of restoring balance to key functions, which include:

  •       Improving the immune system
  •       Enhancing wound healing
  •       Stimulating cell regeneration
  •       Promoting healthy energy levels

Final Note from Ahara founder, Andrea Shuman:

We use nano externally on skin in concert with "The Mother". We do 5 sprays per day for immune support and use as needed on scrapes and skin. If we feel the threat of a cold coming on, we do 6 sprays 3-4x a day until the threat has passed. We are confident that, should we ever test positive for Covid, we will absolutely make this a big part of our healing and continue to use it as prevention. On the rare occasion that an illness makes it through, the length is incredibly short for us. I cannot say enough about this product and the humans that run this company. I wish this came in gallon-sized bottles! You definitely want to try this.


They have graciously extended a discount to our customers on our mailing list and those reading this here blogpost! Go to and receive $5 off your purchase when you use code​​​​ GETHEALTHY5. 

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Lisa Flood
Lisa Flood

July 22, 2022

I would like to order some Nano Ojas for wound healing.
I would also like to order ghee infused with neem, turmeric and licorice root.

Lisa M. Flood
Address: 25B Amato Drive, South Windsor, CT 06074

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