So you bought some ghee... now what?

Ghee is a shelf-stable oil, and can be left on the counter soft, as long as it is free of water and particle contamination. 

Plop your jar down next to the stove and let's get rolling.


  • Replace butter on toast
  • Replace vegetable oil in baking for a yummier taste and high quality fat alternative
  • Ghee has a high smoke point (480 degrees) and a buttery flavor, making it an ideal replacement for butter, which burns easily
  • Medium to high heat pan frying for veggies, tofu and meats of all kinds
  • Topper for hot cereal
  • Best pancake and grilled cheese frying medium. Hands down.
  • Sautee your spices to "bloom them" before adding the rest of the ingredients to the dish. This releases the medicinal properties of many spices and makes your food your medicine!
  • Kids LOVE ghee. Put it on rice or pasta
  • Paleo coffee
  • Indian, Middle Eastern, African cooking...ghee is used in many countries with many names


  • Gentle and very effective eye makeup remover and eye creme in one!
  • Diaper rash ointment
  • Safe and easy way to ease constipation in larger doses (1.5Tbsp in boiled milk or Milk alternative)
  • Stimulates digestion in smaller doses (1/2 tsp mixed with pinch each ginger, black pepper and turmeric to light your fire)
  • Better than neosporin- healing ointment (turmeric and neem powder mixed with ghee and used as wound salve)

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