101 Uses for Ghee (Really!)

So, this was pretty fun. I was asked to give a talk, and when pressed for a title, said "101 uses for ghee!" After I said it, I realized that I was going to have to come up with those uses. This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are some pretty bizarre and creative ones I have come up with, but here goes!

101 uses for Ghee

  1. stir fry
  2. saute meat
  3. saute grains before cooking such as quinoa or couscous
  4. caramelize onions
  5. saute mushrooms
  6. saute vegetables
  7. massage roasts before putting in oven
  8. popcorn
  9. brush fish before baking or grilling
  10. mix with coconut oil to increase its smoke point
  11. replace butter or shortening in baking
  12. fry tofu
  13. sub for veggie oil in baking
  14. cook spices to release medicinal value
  15. aphrodisiac ghee soaked dates
  16. coat knife to cut caramels or sticky deserts
  17. ayurvedic ‘caramels’
  18. Indian sweets
  19. whip with honey and cocoa powder for healthy “nutella” substitute
  20. add to: Mashed potatoes
  21. yams
  22. stews
  23. grains as they cook
  24. pressure cooker beans to avoid clogging and add flavor
  25. pastas for yummy garlic sauces
  26. simple ghee on pasta for kids
  27. hot cereals
  28. spread on: Toast
  29. muffins
  30. frying eggs
  31. scrambling eggs
  32. add to smoothies for healthy fat infusion
  33. Healthy fat frosting! Cocoa butter, coconut oil and ghee + finely ground coconut sugar
  34. best pancake medium
  35. best grilled cheese medium
  36. grease muffin pans for effortless release
  37. freezer fudge
  38. base for taarka in Indian cooking
  39. apply topically: burns
  40. eye makeup remover
  41. drop in the eyes for dryness or
  42. bathe eyes completely for netra basti
  43. irritated skin
  44. diaper rash
  45. stimulate digestion
  46. ease constipation
  47. decrease Vata dosha
  48. medium for mixing herbs to take
  49. Shatavari ghee for: Ease of menopause symptoms
  50. vaginal dryness
  51. as Anupana or “after herb medicine, which potentiates the herbs
  52. Ashwaganda ghee for strength and nervine properties
  53. Brahmi ghee for meditation and visualization
  54. Calamus ghee for focus, concentration (nasally)
  55. triphala ghee for eye conditions
  56. vitex/cohosh ghee for hot flashes
  57. Shatavari and amalaki ghee for ulcers
  58. pancha karma, (sneha karma)
  59. tikta ghee (bitter ghee) for: coldsores, herpes blisters
  60. eczema
  61. hives
  62. turmeric ghee as culinary condiment AND medicinal anti-inflammatory
  63. Female infertility
  64. low sperm motility
  65. lubricate connective tissue
  66. Helps with dry and cracking joints
  67. digestive weakness
  68. gargle for healthy teeth and gums
  69. chapstick for dry lips
  70. lighten dark spots
  71. Deep conditioning hair treatment
  72. treat dark circles
  73. massage for baby or
  74. pitta/vata type skin adults
  75. massage pregnant belly
  76. put on mothers nipples for constipated baby
  77. massage baby’s anal opening for relief of constipation
  78. an ingredient in Ahara Rasa Ayurveda “Choconanda Body butter”
  79. Oil lamps for trakata meditation
  80. Bulletproof coffee/ Paleo coffee
  81. Homa (fire) ceremony
  82. Gift for Ganesha
  83. Nasal moisturizercracked heel moisturizer
  84. 100 washed ghee for fine skincare
  85. get sticky stuff off your skin
  86. get bubble gum out of hair
  87. use on door hinges to stop squeaking
  88. shine up hard leather
  89. get sap off your car
  90. Sensual lubricant
  91. Ayurvedic “Immunization” Swarna Prashana
  92. mix with aloe and turmeric for home made “neosporin”
  93. decrease “bad Cholesterol”
  94. increase “good cholesterol”
  95. Make Ethiopian “niter kibbeh”
  96. increases Ojas
  97. saatvic and a boon to yogis
  98. Rich in vitamin A * Rich in CLA’s (essential fatty acid and antioxidant) 
  99. For anuvasana basti

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