Andrea Shuman, Owner with son Gabriel River

Andrea Shuman, Owner with son Gabriel River

Andrea Shuman, Founder, Owner and Ghee Artist

Andrea found ghee through her study of Ayurvedic Medicine.  As a practitioner of Alternative medicine for more than 18 years, Andrea has worked one on one with thousands of people to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well being and assist them in their healing.  Her own kitchen counter always features a mostly eaten, constantly rotating, over-sized jar of ghee which makes her and her family extremely happy.  She is fond of answering the question "What can I make with ghee?" by asking "What CAN'T you make with ghee!?" and then rattling off about 1000 suggestions to make your mouth water. 

Andrea is Mother to a ghee loving toddler and soon to love it baby and will advise you that, "if they wont eat it, cook it in ghee first :-)"


Portland Natural Choice Award recipient 2013

Favorite Holistic Health Practitioner

Best Women's Health practitioner